We, at tradebangladeshdirectory.com, have incorporated an independent verification procedure for businesses to get ‘Verified’,which is applicable for interested businesses already on board our platform. This is to ensure that a ‘Verified’ business can operate unflinchingly, and with honesty and goodwill between buyers and themselves. Regarding enlisted businesses looking to get ‘Verified’, we will have our group of volunteers directly inspect the addresses of the said businesses and distribute a form prescribed by Traders and Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited. Interested businesses will be required to fill out this form to complete the verification process. After the completion of this procedure, a business/vendor will be designated as ‘Verified’ on our website. Buyers, renouncing hesitation of any kind, may choose to purchase products/services from these ‘Verified’ businesses. We strongly believe that interactions between buyers and such ‘Verified’ businesses will turn out to be pleasant and satisfactory in every manner. Rest assured that we will give total priority to only verifying those businesses/vendors which deserve to get verified, and that is exactly why we have a strict and impartial verification procedure in place. Our sole aim, at tradebangladeshdirectory.com, is to help create an atmosphere where buyers and sellers will be able to interact in ways that would help uphold everyone’s respectability and guarantee transaction satisfaction. An enlisted business will have to apply through our website to get ‘Verified’, and the cost of this verification is a one-time payment. The following are some items and information required for the verification process: Trade License, TIN Certificate, BIN Certificate, NID Card, Banking information, Deed of Rent/Deed of Ownership.