At, we comprehend and respect your concerns about privacy. One of our topmost priorities here at is to maintain your privacy at all costs, and we therefore aim to implement our Service containing this in mind. On the other hand, in order for us to create a safe, useful and valuable experience for you at this site. We need to understand your needs and preferences better. For that reason, it is required that we ask you to provide information about yourself. This Privacy Policy is all about how we collect, use, and disclose Personal Information about you in respect to our use of our Service(s), not to mention those made available through our website(s), emails, et al (the “Service”) whether accessed via computer or mobile devices. This Privacy Policy is subject to the provisions regarding change or modification and so, users are recommended to check this page periodically for updates and changes. The terms “authority”, “officials”, “we”, “us” and “” refer to Traders And Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited, Bangladesh. Your use of the Service will be deemed an acceptance of our collection, use and sharing of personal information as outlined in this Privacy Policy.














This page tells you how collects, uses, shares, and discloses information collected via our Service(S) and/ or Although it’s highly recommended that you read through the entire Privacy Policy for a full understanding of how we operate, the following points may help to provide a brief summary of some of the core ideas regarding our privacy practices:

  • Our policy requires us to collect Information that is Personal and Non Personal from users. We get these from the information that you provided us and/or from the information that we collect from your use of our Service(s).

  • At, we may share your Personal Information with third-parties in various situations, including as necessary to ensure that users get the best possible experience when using our Service(s), or at our circumspection with third-parties for their or our own purposes. To know more about our rights to share your information, please see Information Sharing and Disclosure below.

  • Users can review and update their Personal Information by contacting us at

  • We do our best to keep your information safe by using commercially reasonable efforts and/or in other ways, but there is no guarantee that your information will remain secure in all circumstances and at all times.

  • Authority has special concerns about the privacy of users who do not have the required license, identity and permission to do business as per the law of nations around the world for example, children or minors among others.


  • If you want to enlist your company to the, you have to create an account from “Create A User Account For Free”.

  • When you fill up the form with your email address, you will get a verification link in your email. When you will click the link, you will get the confirmation of your created account. Now you are signed in your admin panel.

  • Now you can easily edit the profile of your company adding your company info. You can edit and upload the image in your profile. The name of this section is Published Listing.

  • You can go to Package Page from the button on the right side of the home page.

  • When you will choose the package from here, it will take you into the Payment gateway page.

  • Now when you will complete your payment, you will get a form for a listing of your company. (You will get the invoice in the invoice section of the Admin Panel).

  • If you fill up the form accurately and click on the submit button, it will automatically enlist your company.

  • Of course, you will find an email with the company URL in the You can go to this link for watching your company overview.

  • If you fail to fill up the form timely, no need to worry. You will get the form in the pending list section from the Admin Panel. You can fill up the form from here also to enlist the company.

  • Important to realize, when you will buy the premium plan, the sellers will get the facilities of ecommerce business.

  • If you are a general user/customer of you can also register or sign-up to get a user admin account. You can also deal with from this admin panel.


  • Submit your web site(s) to the single most appropriate section.

  • Submit websites in English language, or websites that have visible links to an English version.

  • Sites must not be under any developmental processes.

  • Do not submit pornography, hate, gamble sites and any website that incites unlawful activities.

  • Do not submit sites which contain mainly affiliate links.

  • Do not submit multiple sites consisting of basically the same information.

  • Do not submit websites not containing authentic material/information, or do nor do non-value adding.

  • Do not submit websites whose one and only purpose is to transfer traffic to other websites.

  • reserves the right to accept or reject any website, for reasons mentioned here and in the Terms of Use, and for any other reasons unpublished here.


  • a) Account Information: After you create an account at, we may store and use the information we get during that process, for instance, your full name recorded in your NID/Passport/Birth Certificate., your physical address, and various other information, such as your gender, contact number (s) and your date of birth. As part of your account profile, authority may choose to show your first and last names along with any photos or other content you provide during the registration process. Users will be able to change some of the information related to their accounts via their account settings. Users can request the termination of an account by reporting it if they believe that someone has opened an unauthorized account bearing their likeness.

  • b) Public Content: Whatever you contribute is intended for public consumption and is thus displayed on public which may include your photos, reviews, ratings, lists, tips, collections and complements. User’s accounts are also intended for public consumption as well as some other activities through the service.

  • c) Transactions: Initiating a transaction through the Service, like a purchase or a reservation, may result in us collecting and storing information about you, such as your name, address, contact number, email and payment information (like your credit card number and expiration date) along with other information provided to us, so that we can process your transaction, send to you reports about them, fill in forms for future transactions. This information that is provided may be shared with third parties, and third parties in turn way share such information with us, for the aforementioned reasons. We encrypt the information we get from your submission of credit card numbers by making use of industry standard technology. Writing reviews about businesses with which users transact through the Service may result in us publicly displaying information about their transaction(s) with those business.


At, we gather information from users to collect our business activities and to assess and improve our Service. Information gathering is also used to carry out your requests, run research programs, and develop new services and/or provide additional products and services to users. Additionally, information collected from end-users may be used in aggregate form to, besides other things, ascertain the total number of end-users who are using our Service, produce utilization reports for our Partners, identify and fix compatibility problems or other problems with our Service, and carry our statistical analyses to allow us to construct higher quality, more effective online services. The information collected from end-users also enables us to provide search results pages that are as relevant as possible to an individual end-user’s specific search query of the content of the page that the end-user is exploring. If you submit a request for information about through our web address, authority may use your email address to help you with any issues you may have or to send you an email that gives you the opportunity to choose to receive occasional email alerts from regarding evolution of the venture. Moreover, if you choose to be given promotional information from when you create a Account, the authority will use the information you provide to in the time of Account creation process to send you unique promotions that will be most relevant to you.

Authority may also use your email address to send you important notifications. Users may not opt out of receiving these communications as such information is important to your use of our Service.


Involving your Personal Information in the content you post publicly may result in other users being able to recognize you, or relate to you with your account. It is possible to reduce such a risk by using the Service under a pseudonym, although this could mar the credibility of your contributions to the Service. At, users will be able to find other users (friends, familiar people, etc.) based on their names or email addresses by making use of the find friends feature. Kindly be informed that the conversations you have using the Service (messages you send or receive) are only private to the extent that both you and the person you are communicating with decide to keep them confidential. In addition, we may gain access to and reveal such messages during the course of investigations associated with the use of the Service


  • a) Public Postings; User Reviews: As mentioned in this Privacy Policy, at, we may store, display, sell, and/or transfer any comments or posting you make within public forums that we provide as part of the Service. If a user deliberately publishes Personal Information as part of such posting, that information may come into view on our Service or authority may sell or otherwise shift that Personal Information to third-parties. Please kindly be informed that such publicly visible information can also be amassed and used by others without our control. Authority is unable to control who goes through your review or what other users may do with the information you provide by choice using the community services, and thus, authority encourages you to exercise prudence and wariness as regards your Personal Information. The information presented in the community service areas reflects the views of the individual uses or hosts and does necessarily reflect our views or the views of any of our affiliates.

  • b) Business Information: At, we may sell or otherwise give out to third parties any Business Information that you supply to us as ascertain in our lone discretion, regardless of whether such Business Information is Personal Information or Non-Personal Information. Your cessation of any services with or our bring to an end our use, sale or distribution of your Business Information following your termination except as required by law. Authority will not provide your credit card information to any third party except as necessary to provide or assist our Service. Please contact us at info@ to take action on any deletion and block our additional use or distribution of your Business Information.


When you visit a web page and/or Service, a cookie which uniquely identifies your browser may be sent to your computer or mobile device. A “cookie” is a small file containing your preferences that is sent to your browser and sent back by your browser each time your browser accesses our servers. Cookies that authority at may use only be read by the server that placed them there. Here at, we use cookies to improve the quality of our Service and to better understand how people interact with our Service. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent, although some features of the Service may not operate without cookies.

Authority currently uses the services of web analytics companies to help us measure the effectiveness of our Service, including the advertising on the Service. To do this, we allow the web analytics companies to include Web beacons and cookies on the Trade Bangladesh Directory web pages. The type of information collected via such Web beacons and cookies includes search terms, search parameters, click-through by users, and other similar information. By augmenting our records, this information helps us learn things like user preferences, popular search categories, click-through rates, how to improve our Service, and what kinds of offers our users like or prefer to see. Although the web analytics companies log this information on our behalf, authority at controls how that data may be used.


Once users create an account at, they will have the ability to recheck and modify their Personal Information by clicking on a “My Account” link (or an identical link) on the Service and logging into your Account. Additionally, your Personal Information can be reviewed and updated by contacting us at Normally, we will not modify your Personal Information owing to the fact that it is very difficult to verify your identity remotely. It is recommended that users update their Personal Information with little or no delay if their information gets changed or looks inaccurate. Once users make a public posting, they may not be able to modify or delete it. As per your wish, authority will terminate your Account and unpublished your Personal Information as soon as practically possible, depending upon your Account activity and in harmony with relevant law(s). Lastly, it should be noted that we do retain Personal Information from terminated Accounts to act in accordance with law, avert fraud, collect any overdue fees, settle disputes, fix problems, implement our terms and conditions, help with any; investigations, and carry out further action authority by law


Users will be able to terminate their account(s) by clicking here. In the case of an account closure, certain public posts will be removed from view and/or will be dissociated from the user’s account profile by the authority, but information about users may be kept for the motives authorized under this Privacy Policy unless doing so will be deemed a violation of law. Kindly consider that businesses cannot unpublished their business listings, reviews, or ratings by terminating their accounts.


At, diverse safeguards are utilized in order to protect the personal information given during transference and once we receive it finally. Nevertheless, it has to be taken into account that no means of transmission over the internet or by way of mobile devices, or by other means such as electronic storage and so on, is totally safe. Thus, it’s not possible for us to keep your Personal Information 100% safe and secure although we aspire to make use of various commercially acceptable means to protect it.