Traders And Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited administers all the payment details themselves. Every necessary safeguarding and procedure is implemented to make sure that all the payment details are safe, secured, and non-public. If a vendee experiences any kind of dissatisfaction with the purchased products/services even after the payment of the order has been forwarded to the vendor, Traders And Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited will take every possible measure to take care of any complaints from the side of the vendee. The payment will be acknowledged instantly online. All financial transactions are governed by the payment gateway common practice and rules. In any case there will be no manual cash transaction.


The Return & Refund Policy is applied concerning a vendor cum enlisted company at Trade Bangladesh Directory. So, we encourage the vendee to check/justify the listing company’s page at Trade Bangladesh Directory. In case of complaints regarding immediate fraud, any bad practices, and non-delivery of goods, Trade Bangladesh Directory will provide any assistance to mitigate the issue, or recover the payment, or hold the payment until delivery is made. A vendee can ask for Return & Refund request to a vendor within 5 to 10 working days after the vendor has dispatched the order. In this case, the vendee will have to identify and mention the name of the vendor, order number, invoice number, product name, quantity, and value. The Return & Refund request will automatically be forwarded to Traders and Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited if the vendee and vendor become unsuccessful in coming to a mutual treaty for solving the issue in 30 working days. Consequently, the issue will be taken care of as per the laws and regulations of Bangladesh.

Alternative Refund types:

  • The product(s) received by the vendee is in the wrong quantity or style
  • The quality of the product(s) is below standard
  • The shipment partially arrives to the vendee in damaged or broken condition


If a scenario arises where a vendee has purchased an order and the payment has been sent to the vendor but the order hasn’t reached the vendee, the vendee will be offered 15 days to want an after-sale dispute at Traders and Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited in case the vendee and vendor have not been able to reach an agreement. Traders And Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited will do everything possible to aid both parties in reaching a solution. However, items that cannot be replaced or returned are items that the vendee has received, and has used or damaged. A vendee will have 3 days to ask for a Return & Refund request to a vendor if the items received by the vendee arrive in damaged condition. The case will be closed after the expiration of this period of 3 days.


A simple piece of advice for a vendee is to check the reviews and feedback of previous vendees for a particular vendor. New vendees usually prefer buying from vendors having a long marketplace history, a high feedback rating, and an active history of orders. It is strongly recommended for every vendee to be precautious and careful in case of buying from a new vendor or a vendor with no track record. On the other hand, vendees can rest assured that experiences with vendors who are officially certified and admired by Trade Bangladesh Directory will be satisfactory and trustworthy.

The quality of products may vary from vendor to vendor at Trade Bangladesh Directory. Vendees are advised to be extra careful when a vendor is offering something at unusually lower prices as compared to the prices of similar products. Interrogate the vendor about this difference among the prices as they could be compromising on the quality of the product/service. If a vendee has doubts about the quality of a products/services, it is always sensible to initially buy a sample size before placing a large order.


It is strongly recommended to have every official conversation with vendors with the help of the Trade-Talk communicating tool available at Trade Bangladesh Directory. This tool automatically records the history of every conversation held via the tool between the vendee and vendor. That history can then be referred to whenever a dispute occurs between the vendee and vendor, in order to solve the issue by knowing what terms and conditions were agreed by both parties.

Any product/service a vendor deletes stays in our archive for 3 months. This is especially crucial in case a vendee complains of receiving alternative products/services to the ones ordered. Having such an archive will easily allow us to solve any dispute regarding a vendee receiving different products/services as compared to the ones purchased. Considering everything that has just been mentioned, we dearly believe that we will be able to make Trade Bangladesh Directory a secure and trustworthy environment for vendees.


If anybody try or use any fraud discount voucher or promotional offer, Trade Bangladesh Directory will refuse it. And according to the identification, he/she may lose permanent ban of his/her account. Using any other fraud method goes beyond the laws of the Government and it is committing a civil or criminal offense which is not permitted in our platform with anyone or anyhow. At the same time, if you try to do any illegal or unlawful activities here, Trade Bangladesh Directory can take further action according to the law.

Furthermore, it is a violation of this platform to misuse or fraudulently use credit cards, cards, charge cards, electronic funds transfers, and/or electronic checks. Trade Bangladesh Directory may report all such misuses and fraudulent uses |as determined by us in our sole discretion| to appropriate government and law enforcement authorities, credit reporting services, financial institutions and credit card companies.


Traders And Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited will terminate a vendor’s account and their enlisted company or companies permanently or for a definite period if the vendor: disobeys any Terms and Conditions of this platform, if they misguide vendees by delivering alternative or damaged products/services, is not giving a solution or refund. Moreover, the vendor might be charged three (3) times demurrage or be held accountable under the laws and regulations of Bangladesh. We are not responsible for any warranty or guarantee provided by vendors to vendees. We will in no way be responsible for the acts of vendors, and their actions do not represent Traders And Trade Bangladesh Directory Limited. However, we will always be willing and ready to do everything possible to settle any dispute on this platform.

Note: Only the vendor and vendee are responsible to pay for any expenses that show up while settling a disagreement between them.